Everything  that I do, I put all of my energy and devotion into. I will never start a project and walk away from it. I'll never miss a deadline or waste time. While I have a passion for the work that I do, I also have the tenacity and endurance to keep a project moving and a team united.


Named Social Media Intern of the Year in 2012, I stay ahead of the curve. I know how many characters to use in a Tweet (hint: it's not 140) and how to make users hit the "like" button. A member of the Millennial Generation, I'm absorbed in social media--in the right way!


Marketing Manager

Social Media

Email Marketing


Content Creation

Search engine marketing


Social Media Content Marketing certified, Pay-Per-Click Marketing certified, Search Engine Optimization certified; I've earned all of these certifications and am constantly putting them to good use by work for both individuals and brands to develop an online presence that does more than exists in a Google search -- it ranks.