Kelsey has worked with numerous online publications. From search engine optimization to google analytics, Kelsey knows how to make your web content popular and reader friendly. She knows how to differentiate between web and print friendly writing and works to inform the readers of the publication.


Magazine writer and editor





A passion for this so-called dying art is what led Kelsey in her career. Print is very much alive and so is her desire to work with a print magazine. Mastheads and TOCs are Kelsey's favorite part of a magazine. With a goal to one day write a letter from the editor with her signature at the end, Kelsey will help create, write and edit content for your print publication.


Named Social Media Intern of the Year in 2012, Kelsey is knowledgeable on nearly every social media outlet. She knows how many characters to use in a Tweet (hint: it's not 140) and how to make users hit the "like" button. A member of the Millennial Generation, Kelsey is absorbed in social media--in the right way!

social media

Looking for someone to join your editorial team, run your social media or help with your web content and strategy? You've come to the right place.

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